Check Iqama Status Online

Welcome to the Iqama Status Website! This is an alternate website to check iqama status online with Absher. The prime purpose of creating this website is to entertain ex-pats of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the best information about their Iqama Status online.

Check Iqama Status KSA 

Now the users can easily & quickly do

We feel proud to announce that we have embedded a number of options in order to check with the Absher.

We have designed & developed website in order to help the Expatriates of KSA. Now it is super easy to check Iqama Status Online with the help of a few clicks. All you need is to provide a valid iqama number or passport number to check.

Check Iqama Expiry Date without Absher

Undoubtedly, it’s great news for Saudi Expats. It is not mandatory to have a separate Absher account in order to check iqama status online. Here we are going to mention 2 different methods that you can use to check iqama status without an Absher account.

Method # 1 – Use the Absher account of your friend. If your friend is logged in via mobile then all you need is to enter your details in order to check Iqama Expiry Status Online without having an Absher Account.

Method # 2 – It is the conventional method! Because Iqama Expiry Date is always there on your Iqama. It is available there but in Hijri Calendar. Here you need to convert Hijri Date to Georgian Date. You can use Our Hijri Date Converter!

Check Iqama Expiry Date with Absher

On this Iqama Status Website, we are going to put all necessary information regarding Iqama Status KSA. Here is the step by step guide about how to Check Iqama Expiry Date with Absher Account.

Before 2020 it was easy to check all necessary information about your Iqama on the MOI website but now in 2020 the Saudi Government and Jawazat Department changed the rules and regulations. Now you need to register on the Absher online portal in order to check online status Iqama like Expiry Date, Validity, and to check other services.

If you are living in KSA and having a mobile number then you must register to Absher Account online because it requires phone verification & you can only register with Valid KSA Phone Number.

  • First of all, you need to open your Web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser. Now write URL
  • Once it opens all you need to click on the option Individual.

Iqama Status Online Absher Indiviual

  • Now if you know Arabic you can proceed Else you need to switch language to English.

Iqama Status Online Absher English Language

  • Make Sure: If you have already an Absher Account. Go to Login >> simply enter your username and password in order to log in. Else you need to Register on Absher by following the process.


Absher Registration Process

  • Click on the New User

Iqama Status Absher New User Registration

  • Now you need to fill out all necessary details to register successfully in Absher. We have posted an image in order to depict what kind of information you required to register successfully. Must have a look.

Iqama Status Absher User Registration Form

  • Once you fill all the necessary details you will get a verification code on your phone. Once you are done with the verification you registered successfully. Now log in to the Absher Account & click on the service you want to enjoy.

Iqama Renewal Fees 2020

There are 2 different scenarios in 2020 base on Iqama Renewal Fees 2020.

Iqama Renewal Fees of Company having More than 50% Saudi Nationals

If more than 50% of employees of your company are Saudi Nationals then you will observe the following Iqama Renewal Fees in 2020.

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
650 Saudi Riyal8400 Saudi Riyal500 Saudi Riyal9550 Saudi Riyal

Iqama Renewal Fees of Company having More than 50% Saudi Nationals

If less than 50% of employees of your company are Saudi Nationals then you will observe the following Iqama Renewal Fees in 2020.

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
650 Saudi Riyal9600 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal10750 Saudi Riyal

There is nothing wrong to say that Saudi Arabia is full of opportunities for each and every one. Therefore it accommodates people with all nationalities. A number of jobs open every year in this country that why people in bulk went to Saudi Arabia every year. No matter what is your profession it is super easy for you to find work here. But it is mandatory for all the expatriates to get Iqama in order to stay & move freely across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Iqama Expiry Fines & Plenty to Expats

It is highly recommended to renew the Iqama before it gets expired. The validity of Iqama is just 1 year that’s why you have to renew it every year. Saudi Government provides you 3 days grace period so that you renew on time. But if you fail to do so, heavy fines will impose on you.

The Iqama Expiry Fines Amount depends upon how long late you are! If your Iqama is expired then Saudi Police can catch you and depot you anytime. In Arabic, the term used for fines is “Grama”.

Iqama Renewal Fines & Penalty
  1. Iqama First Penalty – If you are late in Iqama renewal & it is your first time then you have to pay 500 Saudi Riyal as Iqama Expiry Plenty.
  2. The second Penalty – If you are late in renewal again the second time you have to pay double the first penalty and it is 1000 Saudi Riyal.
  3. Third/Final Penalty – It is also known as the last chance of Iqama Renewal. You will impose 1000 Saudi Riyal & will also deport abruptly.

In that fine or penalty case, it is highly recommended to contact your sponsor or kafeel as early as possible. Because kafeel can take action on time and can easily file hurrob.

Iqama Status Green, Yellow, or Red Checking & it is Meaning

Green: Upon checking the Iqama Status & it showing you Green Color then its mean that you are out of all troubles. Your company or kafeel has met all necessary requirements of the KSA Government or Jawazat. So nothing to worry about You are green.
Yellow Upon Checking the Iqama Status you have seen the yellow color than it mean your kafeel or company has not met all the requirements of the KSA Government. So they should meet all the necessary requirements as early as possible otherwise it will be put in green status.
Red If the status of your kafeel or company is red then you are in danger. Because the Company or Kafeel is not meeting all the requirements of the Saudi Government and deadlines have passed. That’s why the government added the company in the red list & it can be banned anytime & you will be fired soon.

So it is very crucial for each & every expatriate to keep on checking their Iqama Status Online on a regular basis. Moreover, you must also keep checking the company status of your sponsor. Anytime you see the status of its company red or yellow just inform your Kafeel or company to fulfill all requirements of the KSA Government.

Some Tips for Saudi Expats

  • If you want to make an exit reentry then you must possess a valid Iqama.
  • MOI for iqama is no more. All you need is to make an account on Absher to check all relevant details about your Iqama.
  • You can check Iqama Expiry Online without having an Absher account.
  • If you are on Vacation & your Iqama get expired. Then you must inform your company or kafeel otherwise the Airport police will stop you until your kafeel contact them and ask you to leave.
  • Ministry of Interior & Ministry of Foreign Affairs are not providing the Iqama Checking service.
  • You can’t renew your Iqama with the expired password that’s why you need a valid passport for the renewal of Iqama.
  • You can’t leave the Kingdom on expired Iqama. That’s why you must have a valid Iqama.
  • Who is responsible for Iqama & Passport Issues?
  • Jawazat is the department that deals with all kinds of iqama & passport issues. So, mate if you are having one then you must go to the Jawazat.
  • Rules for the Saiq Khas or House Driver are the same as previously.