3 Months Grace Period for 5 African Countries Expats

It’s a final warning from the Government of Saudi Arabia for Illegal Expatriates of 5 African countries who can now leave Saudi Arabia without setting their dues. These 5 countries are the following.

  1. Ethiopia.
  2. Eritrea.
  3. Somalia.
  4. Nigeria.
  5. Chad.

It is the best time for these ex-pats to leave the territory without paying any kind of Jawazat fees, fines, & traffic violations.

Allowing 5 countries Expats to return home without Paying Dues

According to recent news Saudi Government allowing the above mentioned five countries expats to leave the kingdom as early as possible without paying a single penny. Undoubtedly, it’s a great advantage for 3 months.

  • This step is just for 5 countries expats. Later on, in the coming days, it might be extended to other countries.
  • According to sources, these dues of deportee expats will be saved for the future. In case they want to return to KSA in the near future they need to clear all dues.
  • The Ethiopian Consulate acknowledge this instruction and said they received such instructions from the Ministry of foreign affairs KSA.
  • As per sources, the Ethiopian consulate will arrange all necessary documents for their people including air tickets. According to a rough calculation, nearly 200 documents are going to be issued in a  day.

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