Iqama Transfer Process Tanazul or Naqal Kafala

Welcome to the Iqama Status website! After observing the local community of Expats in KSA I find it a need to describe Check Iqama Transfer, Tanazul or Naqal Kafal Process 2020. So, under this entire article, we are going to explain each & every bit & bite of Iqama Transfer. In case you need any kind of information regarding Iqama Tanazul 2020 don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section.

What is Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala?

Iqama Transfer simply meaning the transfer of sponsorship from one kafeel to under another kafeel or from one employer to another employer. Iqama Transfer usually required for those who came to the KSA with “Azad Visa”. If the expatriates wishing to leave the current employers and want to join the second one, then in front of him there are the following 2 options.

  1. If you have Transferable Iqama or Transferable Work permit, then you can transfer it with extreme ease from current employer to the new employer/kafeel.
  2. If your Iqama is not transferable then you have to exit from the KSA. And a new employer will send you a visa and bring back you to KSA. In this case, you will get a new Iqama from MOI (Ministry of interior)

Check Iqama Transfer Process 2020

Check Iqama Transfer Tanazul, Naqala Kafala 2020

Finally, the wait is over, here is the Iqama Transfer Process 2020 according to the new rules & regulations. All you need is to follow the guide step by step to know Iqama Transfer Process, Iqama Tanazul Process 2020, or Iqama Naqal Kafala Process 2020.

  • First of all, the expatriate has to download & fill the Iqama Transfer Application form and then get it signed & stamped from both old & new kafeel or employers.
Attach Passport Size Photograph

Note: As you are looking for a new opportunity that’s why you require Naqal Kafala you must have to attach your recent passport size photograph (No old than 3 months) on application form. And now you need to visit the Ministry of Labor in order to get approval on Iqama Transfer Application.



  • Let’s proceed with the Iqama Transfer application 2020, You also need to get a guarantee letter from the current employer to enjoy the smooth process of naqal kafala or Tanazul. You also need to attest that letter form Chamber of Commerce Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Attestation from Chamber of Commerce KSA & Umdah

Note: Attach The invoice of the attestation you obtained from Chamber of Commerce during attestation must attach with the tanazul application. If your kafeel is individual not any company then you need to attest the letter from the Police Cheif or Umdah as well.

  • Now the new employer of the Expatriate needs to submit a request letter. Secondly, the new kafeel/employer required to bring the computer chip at the labour office. That computerized chip contains the information about “Number of employees working in his mossas/company.
New Kafeel is Company
  • If New Kafeels is Company – Now the new employer of the Expat also required to bring the license issued by the municipal committee along with the original document of the company in order to verify the authenticity of the company.
New Kafeel is Indiviual
  • If New Kafeel is Individual – If your new kafeel is individual, he/she needs to bring his/her family booklet for verification in the municipal committee office.
  • A lot more is there from new employer still. The new employer/kafeel has to fill an undertaking form of the expat that undertaking form depicts clearly about the new roles & responsibilities of employer or expat under the new employer. His services are currently for only new kafeel others can’t hire him.
  •  Now the applicant or expat has to bring the official passport & valid authentic iqama.
  • Being an expat you must keep an eye on the activity check on the new employer for your own and keep pushing him/her to complete the process of as early as possible.

Iqama Transfer Fees 2020

Here is the important part of Iqama Transfer! You will get the answer to the following questions under this section.

  • Who is going to pay Iqama Transfer Fees you or Employer?
  • What is the Iqama Transfer Fees 2020?
  • What is First-time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020?
  • What is 2nd time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020?
  • What is 3rd time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020?

Iqama Transfer fee should be paid once the new employer is done with the submission of the Iqama Transfer Application with the full and final concern of the expat. Once all confirmation is done with the legal documentation & transfer application. Your new company/kafeel should pay the Iqama Transfer Fees.

Who is going to pay the Iqama Transfer Fees?

As mentioned above! Your employer or new kafeel will have to pay the Iqama Transfer Fees. In most of the cases if it is your Iqama transfer then employee pay the whole fee & if it is your second or 3rd Iqama Transfer then as per laws or mutual commitment 50% fee you will pay and rest 50% by your company of new Kafeel.

What is First-time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020?

2000 SAR is the First time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020.

What is 2nd-time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020?

4000 SAR is the second time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020.

What is 3rd-time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020?

6000 SAR is the 3rd time Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala Fees 2020

Why an Expat Require Iqama Transfer, Tanazul, or Naqal Kafala!

Once you have done with the verification! I must say Congrats to you because you have gone through a hectic job.

According to Al-Nafyawi, the expats holds the right to get iqama transferable but due to some of the solid reasons. here we have mention few of these reasons let have a look.

  1. If the company of current expat is in the Red Zone Category of Nitaqat.
  2. If your Iqama renewal has passed the grace period & one month more pay the penalty and transfer fees.
  3. If Iqama gets disapprove for more than one month.
  4. If expat is not receiving the Salary from the kafeel or company for more than 3 months.


There is nothing wrong to say that Iqama Transfer, Naqal Kafala, or Tanazul in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is really hectic task especially at the time when expat is switching its profession or job. It is one of the hectic jobs for employers or companies as well. A lengthy and complicated process the kafeel has to face. That’s why it always demands dedication. Enjoy Iqama Transfer 2020.

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