Check Iqama Status Frequently Asked Questions

Iqama FAQs

How can check my Iqama expiry date?

  1. Login to Absher Application simply by entering valid username & password.
  2. After Successfully login you need to go to the “DASHBOARD” & simply click or tap on tab “Timeline”.
  3. Click on Me & Family tab to check Iqama Validity Dates. 

How can I read my Iqama ID?

  1. Iqama Consists of Important information like Iqama Issue Data, iqama Number, Profession, & Sponsor name.
  2. Iqama Expiry Date is not mention now on Iqama.
  3. See the Image below showing clearly how you can read Iqama.
    1. Name in Arabic.
    2. Name in English.
    3. Iqama ID Number.
    4. Version.
    5. Place of Issue.
    6. Iqama Issue Date.
    7. Date of Birth.
    8. Professional.
    9. Nationality.
    10. Sponser Name.
    11. Religion.
    12. Photo.

How to Read Iqama

What Iqama means?

  1. An Iqama is a resident permit for the expatriates of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Being on Employment Visa in KSA you need Iqama. 
  3. The Iqama is valid for 1 year. You need to renew the iqama every year. Follow the Link for Iqama Renewal Process.
  4. After 1 year Iqama expire. Check Your Iqama Expiry Date

What is the procedure for Iqama transfer?

  1. You need to fill the Iqama Transfer application.
  2. Stamp & sign application form from both current & new employers. 
  3. Get Hold on letter from current employee & attest it from chamber of commerce KSA. 
  4. New  Employeer now need to submit a letter of request. 
  5. New Employer come to labor office with computer chip & municipal license photocopies.
  6. New Employer need to fill compulsory undertaking form. 
  7. The new employee now need to bring official passport and iqama.
  8. Keep an eye on the activity check of new employer. 
  9. Fees of Iqama Transfer or Naqal Kafala must be paid at once. 

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