Iqama Application for Dependents or Wife

Iqama Application for Dependents or Wife  – Welcome to Iqama Status! Here is another informative article for people living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Expats. Under this post, you will get to know about

  • How to Apply Iqama Application for Dependent or Wife?
  • What is Eligibility Criteria?
  • What are the Required Documents?
  • What is Iqama Application fees for Dependent or Wife?
  • What is the Iqama Application Process for Dependent & wife?

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Family Iqama Application Iqama Application for Dependents

Iqama Application for Dependents or Wife

Undoubtedly family is one of the precious gifts of Allah Almighty & it is your legal right to keep your family with your no matter in which country you are residing. But there are certain rules & regulations you must have to follow to apply Dependent Visa & Iqama for Dependents like children, parents, and wife.




The government of Saudi Arabia allowed the Expats of the different nationalities who are residing in KSA to call their parents of Visa. All you need is to apply the Iqama of Dependents either manually or by visiting the Absher website. Before rushing to the portal you need to find out the Iqama Application for Dependent Eligibility Criteria. Let’s have a look at it.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Your family (Husband/Wife) must be living in KSA with a permanent Visa.
  • It’s better to apply independent iqama if the dependent is above 18 years old.

Note: This is not applicable for the dependents on Visit Visa. But it is important to keep a copy of passport & visa with you to roam freely across the kingdom if you are on Visit.

Check Iqama Required Documents

  • Two Photographs (Each Family member) attested from the Kafeel or employee’s company.
  • Family Passport (original + copies)
  • Family Visa (original + copies)
  • Your/ Kafeel’s Iqama copy.
  • Medical Clearance invoice
  • Family Iqama Filled

Dependents Iqama Process

  1. Once you reached the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it is mandatory to go through the medical test again regardless of you have gone through the entire medical procedure in your home country.
  2. Note: Medical Reports need to be submitted in MOI (Ministry of Interior) for dependent Iqama.
  3. Now you need to get the Dependent Iqama Application forms from the Jawazat office & fill it. If it is your first time take the help of the agents sitting outside the office they will charge you a little. Or you can download the form from the MOI website but always fill it will with native friend help.
  4. Now you need to visit the Jawazat office in order to take the token number.
  5. Wait for your turn.
  6. On your turn submit all the documents along with the Family Iqama Application form.
Keep Original Documents With You For Verification

Note: Keep the original papers with you they may ask you about the original document for verification.

  1. If you meet all requirements the Jawazat office takes some time to print out your family Iqama.



Download Family Iqama Application Form

Here comes the Family Iqama Application form. You can download it with extreme ease & fill it with the help of any Saudi friend in order to omit any kind of mistakes. Have a happy life in KSA & keep remember us in your prayers. Always there to assist you.

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