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It’s my pleasure to inform you that you will get all the answers to your questions here. Today in this article we are going to write all necessary information regarding Iqama Application for New Born Baby.

Accept Heartiest Congratulation on Birth of New Family Member

First of all, accept the heartiest congratulation on the Birth of a child from Iqama Status Team! May God bless him/her with health, wealth, & prosperity in every field of life in this world and hereafter!

How to Apply Iqama Application Newborn Baby

Must thanks to Saudi Government! They make it super easy for everyone to apply Iqama for New Born Baby online with the help of Absher Account. Everything is now available on your Absher Account that’s why it is very important to get Register yourself on Absher account as early as possible.



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What is the Eligibility or Criteria for Iqama Application of New Born Baby?

The eligibility or criteria for applying Iqama of New Born Baby with Absher account is simple & straight forward. Here it comes

  • Your baby must be born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Parents (You) must be the sponsor (kafeel) of the baby expenses in the kingdom.

What are Required Documents to Get New Born Baby Iqama?

Yes, only a few documents required in order to get newborn baby Iqama. We have enlisted these documents down.

  • Baby Birth Certificate from the Hospital & Ministry of Interior. Must keep both (Original & Photocopies).
  • Original & Photocopies of Parents Iqama.
  • Original & Photocopies of Parents Passport.
  • Original & Photocopies of Baby Passport.
  • Invoice printout of appointment.
  • 35mm (width) & 45mm height white background biometric pic of the baby.

What is the Procedure to Apply New Born Baby Iqama? Step By Step Guide!

Here we have mentioned step by step guide to let you know the exact procedure of applying newborn baby iqama. All you need is to follow the steps in order to get Iqama as early as possible.


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Step 1. First Get Arabic Version of Birth Certificate from Birth/Death Registration Department

  • On birth get the certificate of the baby from the hospital.
  • Use the Absher Online Portal to book an appointment from the Birth/Death Registration department. The current waiting time is 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Submit the above-mentioned documents to the registration department. They will issue you an Arabic Version of the Birth Certificate.

Step 2. Get Babies Passport from your Relevant Embassy.

  • Now you need to use the Arabic Version of Birth Certificate in your embassy to get the passport of the baby.

Step 3. Pay the Fees

  • Now Father Needs to pay all dependents fees from the day of birth of the child till the expiry date of Iqama.

Step 4. Get an Appointment from Jawazat

  • Now you need to book an appointment at the Jawazat office by using your Absher Account.

Step 5. Visit Jawazat Office on Interview Date

  • Now you need to submit the Dependent Iqama Application along with all the documents mentioned above.

Step 6. Get Your New Born Baby Iqama at the Spot

  • Jawazat office will issue your baby’s Iqama on the spot.

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