Iqama Renewal Fees, Procedure, & Application Form 2020

Iqama Renewal Process – Welcome to Check Iqama Status website! I warmly welcome you to another informative post. In this detailed guide, we are going to share each and every detail about

  1. How to Renew Your Iqama?
  2. What is the Iqama Renewal Eligibility or Iqama Renewal criteria?
  3. What are the Required Documents for Iqama Renewal Process?
  4. What is the Iqama Renewal Process?

Iqama Renewal Process

Now it is super easy to Renew Iqama Online with the help of Absher online Portal. The old process Iqama Renewal through the ministry of interiors kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been expired. Undoubtedly it is a great facility to expatriates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Iqama Renewal

In this guide, we are going to share How to Renew Iqama 2020 under new rules and regulations. If your iqama is getting expired and only 3 months left then you must start thinking about Iqama Renewal 2020. Otherwise, after Iqama expired in 2020 you will be penalized with heavy fines or might be deported from Saudia.




Iqama Renewal Eligibility

Here comes the complete information about Iqama Renewal Eligibility. Must have a look before proceeding.

  • The applicant of Iqama Renewal must reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • For Iqama Renewal Applicant must have a valid passport.
  • Being an Expat you can apply single Iqama without any additional depend if your family resides outside in KSA.
  • Iqama Renewal contains insurance fees.

Iqama Renewal Documents

If you are Asian or African then you must have to pass a medical test. Medical test for Iqama renewal includes.

  • Stool Test.
  • Urine Test.
  • Check X-Ray.
  • Cholera
  • Complete Blood Test.
  • HIV/Aids Test
  • EyeSight Test.
  • Few others.

Once you are done with the medical test you need to deposit Iqama Fees & have to submit the copy of the invoice with the

  • Iqama Renewal Application.
  • Original Passport.
  • Last Iqama Photocopy.
  • New 45mm x 35mm photo with white background (not old than 3 months).

Iqama Renewal Process

Here are the complete instructions about Iqama Renewal Process.

  • Your Kafeel needs to visit the official MOI website or the Absher Online portal for Iqama Renewal 2020.
  • Now Login through valid Username & password.
  • Select “Iqama Renew” for employees & dependents.
  • Submit the required documents including medical reports, bank deposit slip copy, and others. Click on Proceed.
  • Within 2 days Iqama will be renewed.

Iqama Renewal Fees of Company having More than 50% Saudi Nationals

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal6000 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal

Iqama Renewal Fees of Company having More than 50% Saudi Nationals

Iqama feeWork Permit FeesAverage insuranceTotal Fee
750 Saudi Riyal7200 Saudi Riyal450 Saudi Riyal8400 Saudi Riyal

Download Iqama Renewal Application Form

So, what are you waiting for! Download Iqama Renewal Application forms with just a single click and Get your new Iqama as early as possible before you get the penalty.

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